Supporting your infrastructure with Managed IT.

When your technology functions properly, it allows you to do your job at an optimized level and enables your business to become more profitable.

Sounds like a good deal, right?

However, you need to be consistently proactive about maintaining your technology for your infrastructure to operate at peak performance. Our Managed IT Services free up your in-house department to focus on core business projects, meaning you get access to cutting-edge IT services without having to worry about any of it.

Looking for Reliable Data Backup Services to Protect your Data?

Too many businesses have failed to back up their critical business data, thinking that computer or network failures are something that could never happen to them. But every year, businesses suffer disaster and face the terrible repercussions, including:

Loss of valuable information & resources

Dramatically reduced productivity

Potential layoffs of staff

High costs of repair and recovery

Temporary or even permanent closure

The cost of lost data can be substantial. Businesses both large and small must be proactive and protect their valuable data. Data losses can occur due to weather-related incidents, but according to independent IT research, most businesses suffer data loss due to failure or breakdown of technology. Another alarming and growing trend is theft or corruption of data by employees or external computer hackers. This risk is real for all businesses.

The sad truth is that few businesses take data loss seriously or have taken steps to deploy an effective data-protection strategy. A 2013 survey of small businesses found that nearly 37 percent of the respondents admitted to backing up less than once per month. And almost ten percent admitted that they never perform a backup!

When was the last time you verified that a full data backup was completed on your computer system?


Having a recovery plan in place when your business faces a disaster gets you back up and running while keeping your doors open.


Every second of downtime after a disaster strikes is critical to your bottom line. We make retrieving your data quick and efficient.


With the Global Data Systems team on your side, you don't have to go through data recovery alone. We're there for every step.


When your clients know you're taking every precaution to protect their confidential information, they trust and respect your business.

Data Backup Your Business Can Rely On

The expert technicians at GDS can make sure you never suffer the consequences of lost data with our Backup and Business Continuity Planning. Our disaster-recovery and continuity strategy uses multiple layers of redundancy for comprehensive onsite and offsite data protection, including remote data storage. Our Business Continuity Strategies include proactive and preventative solutions designed to safeguard your systems before a disaster even happens. When a threat is detected, our protection strategy takes over to save your data, as well as your business!

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