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Healthcare IT Services

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Your healthcare practice is under continuous, intense pressure to improve the quality of your patients' health while meeting ever-changing compliance regulations - we know it just as well as you do.

At GDS, we offer the best healthcare and cybersecurity solutions to meet your network and compliance needs, regardless of location.

Read on below for a spotlight of our various healthcare offerings, from Compliance Management to Cloud-Based Electronic Health Records.

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How Our Healthcare Managed IT Services Help Your Business

If you're a healthcare practice, your patient's health records are your responsibility to keep safe and confidential. In order to ensure that this happens, you need the best cybersecurity technology available to prevent any data breaches or compliance law-suites and fines. Global Data Systems gets you protected against cyber-attacks and carries the weight of your technology with our best-in-class data management.

We’re the leading healthcare IT consulting company in New England, serving your networking and compliance needs regardless of your location. We provide ongoing expertise that promotes increased efficiency and productivity, which are both essential in the fast-paced healthcare environment. Your goals are our goals, and with your technology running at maximum performance, you’ll leverage the benefits that managed IT services can bring to your healthcare facility.

At GDS, we assist you by ensuring:

  • HIPAA Compliance in-house and making sure that your company meets each technical safeguard.
  • Quick escalation that makes sure your highest-priority tickets are responded to right away.
  • Cloud-based phone systems that make sure you can always take calls from your patients.
  • Full assistance and guidance with cybersecurity insurance questionnaires.
  • Recommendations to improve your clinician's workflow, whether you are on-premise, hybrid, or fully cloud-based.
  • Audits of your technology expenses to make sure you are getting the best prices.
  • Internet failover to significantly reduce downtime caused by a carrier being offline.

This is far from everything we provide! Learn more about how Global Data Systems can provide expert technology guidance, compliance management, cloud technologies and more with our managed services below.

Failing to meet compliance regulations, even without intent, can have catastrophic consequences on your practice. Without a compliance management system, this worst-case scenario becomes much more realistic.

Helping an organization meet compliance requires ongoing, conscientious efforts to understand each requirement. We keep gaps in your system closed to avoid fines and penalties, giving you the peace of mind to focus on your practice.

Protect Private Patient Data

Control Your Expenses

Get Expert Advice

Keep Your Reputation Intact

Healthcare Data Security

Since healthcare practices began using electronic medical records and HIPAA provisions took hold in 1996, healthcare data security has become one of the most important aspects of data management and protection.

You care about your patients, and you want to provide them the best care possible, all while keeping their private information protected - we get it. That's why we take your data security as seriously as our own. The process of data protection should be simple and seamless, eliminating vulnerabilities in your network and putting resilient security policies in place.

Install Patient Trust

Keep Cyber Criminals Out

Get Expert Advice

Data Interoperability

As patients move across the country or change hospital networks, a paper trail of medical records is left behind. With data integration and interoperability, you no longer need to track down all those records.

Incomplete medical histories are a thing of the past with our solutions. The technology allows different information systems to connect across organization boundaries to access and exchange data. You can now seamlessly transfer patient files from one network to another regardless of data format, removing the roadblocks.

Provide Better Patient Care

Increase Your Efficiency

Migrate Data, Stress-Free

EMR Data Archiving

When upgrading your system, the ability to migrate and store an electronic medical / health record out of its native application into your new one is vital. If you are currently operating on apps like eClinicalWorks, Allscripts, GE Centricity, or similar, Global Data Systems can assist you with moving your patient data into a secure and cost-effective database.

Our ChartViewer technology keeps your legacy EMR data in a structured, confidential and easy-to-use format. Starting fresh with your new EMR system will promote efficiency, help you remain in compliance, allow your patients to have more control over their data, and eliminate workload strain on your administrative office.

Comply With Regulations

Access Important Data

Keep Data Confidential

Healthcare technology demands an inherent understanding of the challenges faced by healthcare organizations. Aside from providing your patients with high-quality care, there's nothing more important than protecting their medical records. We provide comprehensive cloud-based EHR solutions to ensure 24/7 access and security.

Through a cloud-based EHR solution, your practice will have full access to your medical data while we take care of managing, updating, storying and protecting your patient database. We take care of the implementation process so that your IT resource requirements are significantly reduced.

Ensure High-Quality Care

Increase Scalability

Enhance Your Client Communication

Common Questions

What are the retention requirements for medical records?

Each Covered Entity and Business Associate is bound by laws of the state in which they practice as to how long the medical records have to be retained. The states' retention periods can vary considerably depending on the nature of the records and who they belong to. Visit to view the record retention requirements for each state. Laws for retention can be modified by new state legislation, so you should check regularly to make sure your retention policy meets the requirements of your state.

What is EMR archival?

EMR archival is the ability to migrate and store an electronic medical record (EMR) or electronic health record (EHR) out of its native application (such as eClinicalWorks, Allscripts, GE Centricity) and into a secure and cost-effective database that is easy to access.

Are there penalties if I can't provide a patient with their medical record?

Yes, providing patients with timely access to their medical records is part of HIPAA guidelines. Therefore, not providing access would be a violation of the HIPAA privacy rule. Penalties for not providing these records are often monetary fines applied based upon the length of time passed between the original request and delivery of medical records, if the records were received at all.

Can I charge patients for medical records?

You can charge patients for their medical records within reasonable limits, but there are restrictions and guidelines you must follow. Under many state laws you are permitted to charge a per-page amount, such as one dollar. However, this can violate HIPAA guidelines. The Office of Civil Rights deals with topics like Access Guidance. They remind everyone that each state has its own laws regarding medical record access.

How much does ChartViewer cost?

Because ChartViewer is a product and not a service that requires consulting, planning, execution and testing, it's a lot easier to estimate what a deployment will cost. Contact us today to get your estimate.

How easy is it to switch healthcare IT companies?

With an experienced healthcare IT provider, it's not difficult to make the switch. It's actually very easy if a number of variables - how much you know about your infrastructure, how robust your documentation system is, who owns your hardware - are met. How you approach these variables will determine how smooth the transition will be.

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