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Build a Digital Fortress Around Your Business.

Cybercriminals are getting smarter day by day, and they're growing in numbers by the minute. Between ransomware, malware, and data breaches that put the confidential information of thousands at risk, there isn't a single organization out there that shouldn't be prioritizing their cybersecurity.

Keeping your business safe online can be a full-time job. That's why we take the burden off of your plate with our managed security services.

Our managed security services are the significant building blocks your business needs in order to build a digital fortress that keeps the hackers blocked out. It's a comprehensive solution that is built around protecting your infrastructure from all angles.

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Why Our Managed Security Services?

For one, our happy customers. Stop by our testimonials or our Google reviews to see that we don’t just have clients; we have raving fans. 

Secondly, our expertise. 

We have a dedicated team of cybersecurity professionals. Don’t work with a provider where cybersecurity is handled by the same technicians installing servers or completing help desk tickets. They are all critical roles, but they are extremely different in expertise.

If this seems overwhelming to do by yourself, it’s because it is. If you’re an internal IT team looking to take this on, or a medium-sized business looking to dive into this for the first time, we do not recommend going at it alone. Our team of cybersecurity professionals can provide a free high-level cybersecurity review for your organization. You are even free to take it and make the changes yourself!


You need more than antivirus software to combat cybercriminals. We keep you protected with a multi-layered security approach.


Your PCs and Macs are protected against digital threats, but what about your mobile devices? We keep you covered from A to Z!


Avoiding cyberattacks is far from simple. We give you protection against malicious software and questionable content to shield your business.


Cybercriminals are smarter than ever and finding new ways to get into your inbox. We provide training and protection to guard your email.

The Layers That Your Business Needs in Place

Data Backup: We ensure your data is in 3 separate locations – server, local backup, and offsite backup. You should be able to virtualize to the onsite and offsite backup QUICKLY. How quickly can you virtualize if your server gets encrypted or goes down?

Security Assessments: Vulnerability Scan Penetration testing.

Advanced Spam Filtering: Microsoft 365 spam filtering is insufficient to protect your users from falling victim to an attack.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training: This is an often overlooked but essential layer. Training end-users on what to look out for has a noticeable impact on cybersecurity.

Multi-Factor Authentication: This should be on all of the Active Directory and Microsoft 365 accounts.

Conditional Access: Putting parameters on Microsoft/server access is critical. Force functions like these can prevent access at the times that attacks are most likely (for instance, no access between midnight – 6 am for end-users).

Computer Updates and Patching: This should go without saying, but if you’re not receiving reports and managing this, you are leaving a massive hole in your plan. We take care of all of this.

Dark Web Scanning: We scan and report on company information listed on dark websites.

Web Gateway Security: We place this at the firewall level and the endpoint. Endpoint-based gateway security will ensure that your users cannot evade these precautions accidentally or intentionally.

Mobile Device Security: This is a massive category in itself and is not recommended to be done without professional cybersecurity services.

Firewall: As mentioned, firewalls are still necessary but insufficient in protecting your organization on their own. We implement them as a small part of a much larger strategy.

Encryption: This goes for devices and email. While encryption is a compliance requirement for many industries such as government and healthcare, we highly encourage it for all organizations.

Managed Detection and Response: The bad guys aren’t getting on the network and immediately encrypting servers anymore. The value has lowered as more organizations have an effective backup. They stay on the network longer to gather valuable data. We provide an avenue of detecting a threat on the network and remediating immediately.

The price of an attack is more than the potential ransom payment. It’s the data lost, the reputation management, the inevitable downtime that costs significant money, and it’s the “I should have” and regret.

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