The VoIP Transition – 6 Things to Expect When Leaving Your Old Phone System 

We speak with business owners all the time regarding new phone systems. 


They're unhappy that their current system doesn't perform as expected, is old, doesn’t allow employees to work remotely, or a plethora of other reasons you may be experiencing right now. I can only assume that's why you're reading this blog. 


Based on the number of users, it’s possible to break even or even save money on the expenses they accrue with their current system by moving to a brand-new phone system! 


So, why don't they? 


There is a fear that the transition will be difficult. I even get asked if they can keep the same phone number! I assure you we would sell very few phone systems if clients had to get a new number every time. 


The process could not be easier. Here are the exact steps to transition to a new phone system. 

The Steps of a VoIP Transition 

  1. Team Demo - A 30 minute to hour-long demo with the team. 
  2. Provide Quoting Information – Information is collected such as the user amount, how many phone numbers are needed, and how many physical phones are needed. This info is factored into the phone system pricing. 
  3. Dial Plan Configuration and Recording - During this phase, clients will inform the team on how they want their call to be routed. They will also record and upload audio records for a greeting message. 
  4. Phone Installation and Reprovisioning - On-site installation to verify a smooth transition with one or two of our technicians. If any current phones need to be reprovisioned, it is done at this step. 
  5. Congratulations - The phone number is imported, and you are all set with your new phone system! 
  6. Cancellation - You can now cancel all phone services with your previous provider. Keep in mind, your phone system may be through your internet service provider. In this case, you would only want to cancel the phone service and not the internet service. We will keep you well-informed through every step of the way! 

Once the transition is complete, my clients are always happier with their experience and phone system. 


Ready to leave your old phone system behind? Reach out and let's get started!  

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